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Modular Carrier System

Steel Cargo Tray


VersaHaul Steel Cargo Tray




What's Included

  • Fits any class III or IV hitch
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easily stores away
  • Boxed for UPS shipping
  • Large capacity tray
  • Towing capable
  • Dimensions
  • Model Number: VH-TRAY
  • Description: Steel Cargo Tray
  • Approx. Shipping Wt.: 65 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Length of Tray: 58 in.
  • Width of Tray: 25 in.
  • Height of Tray: 5.5 in.
  • VH-TRAY Instruction Booklet
  • Anti-tilt lock bracket
  • 30 in. main tube
  • One 58" x 25" x 5.5" tray
  • Two reflectors

MSRP: $554.99

Versahaul is the manufacturer and only sells to dealers. Versahaul suggests retail pricing only. Please contact your nearest dealer for additional price information. Prices subject to change without notice.






The VH-TRAY carrier is designed to safely carry 500 lbs.
Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs.

Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1000 lbs.
Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load.

Click here to find the Carrying Capacity of your vehicle.

The spare tire on some vehicles may prevent the VH-TRAY from being attached. Please refer to the VH-Tray Dimensions to ensure the spare tire does not interfere with the tray's position.
The VH-TRAY has a Class III hitch on the end of the carrier. It is limited to light-duty applications.

The max towing weight, regardless of your vehicle, is 3000 lbs.


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